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This is a quote from Sunni Karll, excerpted from "Making A Difference:A Blueprint for Harmony"
Midwifery Today Issue 58

"Think About It"

"To the baby, birth is about being received. We unfold the world and know our value when received with love and acceptance, in our own perfect tim- ing. If someone yanks us out of a place intrusively, we naturally recoil and go within in order to maintain balance against this outside force. The difference of being "received"compared to being "forced" results in opening to this world or shielding ourselves from it. Out of this experience comes baby's first decision: either "the world is a friendly place" or "the world is a hostile place." "This decision is the initial filter that determines if baby opens to or shields herself from the world, from then on.

The experience of birth determines the vibration of life that a soul will live and filters the way that person experiences the world. This vibration becomes their blueprint. Only by creating a birth of absolute safety, gentleness, warmth and acceptance, internal peace, love and a state of wonder can we have a baby who knows within, "I am all this. I am secure and loved."



 Labor Pain: An In Depth Pregnancy Topic
Childbirth Connection : Labor Pain
The following article speaks to the topic of "labor pain", something most every woman who is pregnant, both before they are in labor and certainly while they are in labor
is pondering over and most likely has a certain amount of apprehension about.  The article points to the different stages of labor and the corresponding different levels
of what I call INTENSITY of contractions and how to "approach" these intensities of contractions. 
The article also points to situations and conditions that effect the intensity of contractions.  The most important of these being tensions that the mom is experiencing, whether the tension comes from past experiences in her own life, or the current environment she is  in during labor.
The article also talks about various kinds of "labor pain relief"  and what factors can effect the choices the mom makes.

Labor Pain


Questions about Prenatal Ultrasound and the Alarming Increase in Autism
Midwifery Today
by Caroline Rodgers
[Editor's note: This article first appeared in Midwifery Today Issue 80, Winter 2006.
This very important article deals with ultra sound exams and the effects on the fetus. The issue of Ultra sounds
and how many and their side effects has long been a standing debate between ACOG and those of us who advocate
for natural childbirth. In the article below Caroline Rodgers points to the alarming rate of autism in children, as the rate
of ultrasounds increase. The article is well researched and documented. Definitely worth reading.



   Out-Of-Hospital-Births on the Rise: Data Shows Fewer Health Risks - 

     Public News Service  Oct. 2015

     This article reports that more US women are choosing to have out of hospital births,

     whether in their home or at a birth center with midwives and doulas attending.

      It is becoming clearer to more and more women that if that want to have more

      say over how they birth their children, they should choose to have their babies either

      at home or in a birth center. 

Out of Hospital Birth

  Midwifery Care for the VBAC Woman

Midwifery Today

By Gloria LeMay,

First appearing in MIdwifery Today - Spring 2001

The following article shows many areas and examples where the difference between midwifery care for the mom and baby, prenatally , during the birth and

in the postpartum period differ significantly. The prenatal visits are much longer and concerned with EVERYTHING that is going on with the mom; not just 

physically, but in her life. Midwives know that this ALL effects how the baby develops , the birth, and most likely, how the baby progesses after birth, including

breastfeeding. The birth, of course, is different... in all aspects from the environment to the respect for the process and the mom including the delivery itself.

Midwifery Care

Benefits of Reading To A Baby In The Womb (The Limitless Potential of You)
By Elizabeth Moore
This article points to the many benefits of reading to your
baby before they are born. The baby can "hear" your voice and
recognize it immediately upon birth. A recent NIH (National Instit-
ute of Health) study points out that "A prenatal enrichment approach
includes stimulating the baby in utero through singing, reading and
talking, all of which are believed to enhance a baby's intellectual

Reading In The Womb