Doctors are inducing labor with a drug that is potentially dangerous for pregnant women.

With your help, we can prevent this.

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Protect yourself and others. Act now to help the FDA research and restrict Cytotec from being used for labor induction.

The FDA has issued warnings about the drug, but to place even stronger restrictions on Cytotec, the agency needs more data. Adverse events data on Cytotec is severely limited because doctors are not required to report negative outcomes from off-label uses of drugs. That is why we issued a Citizen Petition to the FDA requesting that the agency conduct a study of the drug using their Sentinel System, which will allow them to pull relevant data from more than 2 million patient records. For more information about our petition, see our “FDA Petitions” page.

If the FDA accepts our petition, they will have the information they need to help put a stop to the use of Cytotec for labor induction.

Help women and their babies avoid exposure to the dangers of Cytotec. Submit a comment in support of our petition.


In 60 seconds, you can tell the FDA to protect expectant mothers and investigate the use of Cytotec in delivery rooms. Here’s how.

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Copy one of these messages to share with the FDA. (Feel free to personalize the message or write your own.)

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and paste in your message.

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Step 3 – You can share additional information about yourself such as your name and location. But you don’t have to.

Please act now. It only takes a minute. Your outreach to the FDA can help them realize the importance of researching the effects of Cytotec on expectant mothers.