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The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation is dedicated to empowering women, specifically in the area of childbirth and pregnancy. We are dedicated to saving the lives of those giving life to others. The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation is presently focusing on the issues of fully informed consent, the off-label use of drugs, and maternal mortality.

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Pfizer will remove Cytotec (misoprostol) from the French market, effective March 1, 2018. While the pharmaceutical company has not provided a reason for this decision, the action is likely driven by numerous reports of side effects from off-label use of the drug for labor induction. 

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Looking for information to help you prepare for a safe and healthy childbirth? Check out our Pregnancy Info and Resources section to find a collection of useful materials and resources, definitions of a few key terms we think you should know, and information about drugs used to induce labor that can be dangerous.



On April 26, 2017, the Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation submitted a Citizen Petition to the FDA requesting that they conduct a Sentinel Study on the use of Cytotec in labor induction and cervical ripening. For more information, visit our FDA Petitions page, or contact us at [email protected]


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We’re collaborating with organizations, colleges, and individuals around the country who are interested in screening our documentary. Mills College in Oakland, CA will be hosting an event Tuesday, February 13th. Interested in hosting a screening? Check out our page.


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