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The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation is dedicated to empowering women, specifically in the area of childbirth and pregnancy. We are dedicated to saving the lives of those giving life to others. The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation is presently focusing on the issues of fully informed consent, the off-label use of drugs, and maternal mortality.

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Watch the Hulu documentary, “Aftershock”

On July 19, 2022, the award-winning documentary, ‘Aftershock’, which addresses the crisis in Black maternal health in the U.S. was released internationally on Hulu and Disney+. The film depicts the stories of two young mothers, Shamony Gibson and Amber Isaac, whose tragic and preventable deaths have amplified the presence and impact of racism and inequity in the reproductive healthcare system. This powerful piece follows Shamony and Amber’s families, who work tirelessly as activists to transform the system and stop the scourge of maternal mortality from taking more Black lives. 

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COVID-19 Resources

Visit our Childbirth Resources page to find relevant resources related to pregnancy and breastfeeding during COVID-19


Get the facts about drugs used during labor and delivery

Looking for information to help you prepare for a safe and healthy childbirth? Check out our Pregnancy Info and Resources section to find a collection of useful materials and resources, definitions of a few key terms we think you should know, and information about drugs used to induce labor that can be dangerous.


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