Dangers of Cytotec:

Cytotec is a drug created by Searle for the treatment of stomach ulcers, and is now manufactured by Pfizer. It is often used off-label to induce labor by ripening the cervix. It is also used as a component in RU486 (the “abortion drug”). Though it is not approved by the FDA for inducing labor, Cytotec has become the “standard of care” for inducing labor.

On this page, we aim to provide you with information and resources on Cytotec. One of the most important pieces of information being the FDA Alert on Cytotec, which specifically warns against the use of the drug during childbirth.

If you or a loved one received Cytotec for labor induction and experienced a negative outcome, please submit a MedWatch Report to the FDA. See our Get Involved page, for more details on how to submit a MedWatch report.

Other resources on Cytotec: